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I love working with George Hage in every capacity for a plethora of reasons! He has always been open and willing to design around my needs while still giving his professional and artistic opinion and touch. I’ve never received a final product from him that I wasn’t completely stoked about. I’ve hired him for all of my graphic design and branding needs. George understands that people no matter the profession have deadlines, and he has always given me amazing product in an extremely timely manner. All of this on top of how incredible his work is. Though the art speaks for itself, George really shines through as a professional in his field.
— Autumn Brand, Musician
Our company has worked with George several times on creative and design projects. He is wonderful to work with, as well as open to and appreciative of feedback and collaboration. George is extremely detailed oriented, solution focused, and wildly talented. He regularly beats deadlines and exceeds expectations. If the project aligns with his skill set (which there are many), he’s always our first call.
— Josh Gruder, CEO/Owner of Porch Fly Clothing
We’ve used George on several occasions for various graphic design needs. One word to describe his work: AMAZING! We receive more compliments on the work George does for us than on anything else we do. If you are in need of awesome illustration and graphic design, George is your guy!
— Will Hardinson, CEO/Owner of Fanbase